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New Forex Brokerage Setup

In the growing Forex Industry, You can establish a Brokerage company that yield a enormous profit. With less industry, You can easily start a Broker and run it successfully with our services including technology, legality branding, marketing and consulting.

MT4 Platform

MetaTrader 4 is now marked as World's No.1 Online Trading Platform, easy user interface, cutting-edge technology of MT4 makes it popularity high. You can setup your Forex, Securities and CFD brokerage business with a highly scalable and potential Platform MT4 Today.

Cost Effective Solution

We are only Technology provider in World Offer low cost uncountable and tools for Forex and CFD brokers. With high industry experience and infrastructure, we are able to avail competitive costing on the quality solution that ever been tagged in Industry yet.

Business Support

Apart from the establishment of a Company, the major factor that rules the business is Marketing, Business Strategy and Revenue Model. With expert financial business consultants at HaveTrade, We can get you the right business on track by our valuable consulting added.

About us


About our company

HaveTrade Software Solutions Ltd [Reg. No. 10226289] is Registered in UK since 2014 with a set of highly qualified financial experts and tailored the best solutions and Services which would be a Benchmark in the World Finance Industry. We just enabled around 60+ firms/individuals to get on board with their own Financial Service companies that are yielding potential revenue in the industry. We focus on technology products and consulting services for the Financial Institutions across the globe. HaveTrade unlocked the quality service and products at competitive pricing with our infrastructure and business model that made it possible.

HaveTrade is a technology provider for Forex, CFD and Securities brokers. At HaveTrade, You can experience the Best and cutting-edge technology that a Forex broker requires, with our sophisticated software we serve our clients with new high performance environment that makes a broker to be engage world class client service. Our liquidity bridge is the fastest and the best to connect with any Liquidity provider in world through our FIX API. At HaveTrade, We ensure that our clients are capable to having hassle-free technology for their brokerage in cost-effective manner. The user-friendly tools and software supplied by us enable our client to serve better for their valuable clients. At will make sure that broker of any size get appropriate service for their business flow and increase their revenue model effectively.

We Work With

We are associated with World's top corporates in Finance Industry, We avail a wide range of products and service with our strong business partners

All you want to know about us

With a broad vision in Financial Industry, We at HaveTrade made ourself equipped with strong business knowlege to avail the best service for our clients.

All the service provider in financial industry have their own Brokerage company under which all your business will be carried out. You will be depending on all service only with that specific company so you will loss your privacy. Here at HaveTade, You can choose you own liquidity provider, Own Banking, own brokers to connect. As a Software Service provider, you client privcacy is 100% protected.

If your service provider is a Forex broker, then You have to depend on him for lifetime. But If you choose your service provider as Software Company like HaveTrade, You can choose to change the MT4 Service provider anytime easily. If you are not satisfied with our service, You can move to other service provider with all your clients account and trades as it is. This is really important for a independent broker. Note: If your LP and technology provider are same, then you may not move out of them lifetime.

As a Software service provider, We dont take any deposit from clients or provide any liquidity service. We provide only Technology that a broker need. Our clients are happy that they can choose ANY BANK or LIQUIDITY PROVIDER from world and just use our technology. You can deposit all your client money only with the banks and LP that you selected, We can assist you in choosing right person.

  • MT4 Platform100%

  • FIX API Bridge90%

  • Mt4 tools and Plugins70%

  • Forex Company Registration and Licensing80%

  • Web Design and Development60%

Client Reviews

We have gained best rating from our clients with out best service and World-class support


We Have Wide Range of Forex Brokerage Products

MT4 White Label

The world's Foremost trade platform and Automated Trading master platform is MetaTrader 4, We are licensed partner of MetaQuotes company for providing the White Label Solution to our clients.

MT4 Plug-in and Tools

We have a strong technical team who can develop custom plug-in and tools for your MT4 Server, We also undertake your MT4 server maintenance at Very lost including Technical support.

Web & Mobile Trader

We provide our custom built Mobile and Web application that has brought a large traders to trade over the web and mobile without any installation. We have our own client who still trade only with our System.

Trader Room & CRM

A Web based tool that will a broker to manage the accounts of its clients in few clicks and have a Sophisticated access for traders for their account operations.

Forex Company Formation

Our legal compliance team work with Governments of various jurisdictions and avail tailored solution for our clients to setup the entity legally and have a esteemed global presence.

Forex License Consulting

We provide transparent consulting service for our clients to acquire Forex, Securities or bank license in any jurisdiction at extremely low processing charge. You can simply work directly with Authorities through us.

Checkout our Web Trader and Mobile Trader Demo Today.

We offer best-in-class light weighted application for clients to trade in Web and mobile without any installations using latest web technology, Try out below.

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You Don’t Need a Million to Start With

Many people want to take advantage of the growing forex market and find setup cost a constraint. Most of the service providers charge huge amounts for the initial setup and make you dependent on them to carry out your day to day operations. HaveTrade brokerage setup packages are priced the lowest compared to any competitor. Our market experts spent a considerable amount of time designing each package to minimize the cost as low as possible and to be efficient. Further, with HaveTrade you enjoy total control over your brokerage with 100% transparency.

Trader Label

Basic Version of Forex Brokerage for huge investors and traders

  • MetaTrader 4 (DMA Service Info Icon)
  • 1 MT4 Manager with 4 Groups and 20 Symbols
  • Free Training
  • Static Website
  • One Liquidity Connection with $6 per Million .
  • $1999
    $599 Monthly
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White Label

Featured for advanced forex broker, a Prime brokerage

  • MetaTrader 4 (Branded Info Icon)
  • 4 MT4 Manager with 9 Groups and 30 Symbols
  • Web Integration Kit, Execution plug-in, Auto-Rebate, MAM.
  • Basic Website & Trader Room with hosting.
  • 2 Liquidity Connection with Fee $4 Per Million (Mt4 Gateway/FIX API )
  • $6999
    $1999 Monthly
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Pro Broker

Exclusive branded MT4 and its features for Big Forex Brokers

  • MetaTrader 4 (Branded Info Icon)
  • 5 MT4 Managers with 12 Groups and 60 Symbols
  • Bonus Plug in, Multi-Level Rebates, Execution plug-in, MAM.
  • Branded Website, Featured Trader Room & Admin Panel
  • 4 Liquidity Connection with Fee $3 Per Million (Mt4 Gateway/FIX API )
  • $11999
    $2499 Monthly
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MT5 Whitelabel

Latest trading software for
new Brokers

  • MetaTrader 5 (2000 Accounts)
  • 4 MT4 Manager with 9 Groups and 50+ Symbols
  • Web Integration Kit, Auto-Rebate and LP Gateway
  • Responsive Website & Trader Room with hosting
  • Unlimited Liquidity connection with $2 per million
  • $6999
    $1999 Monthly
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We work with team

We Have Highly Skilled and Trained Professionals

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Have a look at HaveTrade services offered

About Us

We provide world-class service to our client to have their financial business turn potential and a successful, The Technology and business service offered by us drive a any financial company in world to be profitable always.

HaveTrade Software Solutions Ltd [Reg. No. 10226289] is Registered in UK since 2014 with a set of highly qualified financial experts and tailored the best solutions and Services which would be a Benchmark in the World Finance Industry. We just enabled around 60+ firms/individuals to get on board with their own Financial Service companies that are yielding potential revenue in the industry.

Trading Platform

We offer the prestigious MetaTrader 4 platform to our clients with or without unique branding. Apart from MetaTrader we provide cTrader. Also, we offer various services for banks, Financial institution, Securities brokers, forex broker in the need of the trading software that they are need, Our cost effective service in providing Trading platform keeps us to stand out as Leader in this business area.

Legal Services

We have strong legal experts in different jurisdictions to acquire the registrations, license and other legal existence of a entity of our clients, We are providing our best service to acquire the Trading License, Business Registration, etc. We offer a Wide range of the Service in legal services required for a Financial firm of any jurisdiction.

Web Development

We have a team of in-house Web design and Development team to deliver our clients with Web 2.0 and responsive Design and Software. We develop custom web and mobile application for our clients who are in need of it. We have our development standard rated high by our clients in terms of efficiency and performance.

Custom Software

We also engage in developing custom trading software for Windows, Android, IOS. The custom trading software can be used independently without duplicating the license. We develop charting application, Trading tools, CRM and Client Back office systems from scratch, custom built as per our client needs.

Business Support

HaveTrade provide you with support to run your Financial brokerage business profitably by providing you with marketing strategy, business and revenue model design, staffing, resource management, financial planning, new business acquisition technique, etc.

Advisory Services

We also provide fincial market advisory services to Brokers and Financial institutions which includes the international markers like Forex, NASDAQ, FTSE 100, CAC 40, DAX, Nikkei 225, etc... Our team of research expert end up in delivering our clients with accurate results.

Forex Company formation with Bank Account

Setup your forex company today with a bank account and run your business.

→ SEYCHELLES IBC Company + Bank Account - $2800.

→ ANGUILLA Company + Bank Account - $2700.

→ St.Vincent IBC Company + Bank Account - $2800.

→ Belize Company + Bank Account - $3500.

→ HongKong Company + Bank Account - $2900.


Here you can learn more about us and learn many interesting things about us

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